Life can be overwhelming, but in the constant, fast-paced struggle there can be found peace... trust me! Whether you're dedicated to your career and your job or you're still hustling to find your path, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel to be had: goals, endgames, realities and dreams.

Creative Geek Lifestyle is a blog dedicated to those who are struggling to set loose their inner creators through art, passion or existence. If you're anything like me, you struggle at all three... and that's okay. After quitting my 9-5 job for personal health reasons, I am now navigating this new path of being an entrepreneur and being my own CEO. It's my goal and my hope that this blog can help you along your path to reaching inner happiness while being creative (and maybe a little geeky) along the way, based solely on my own personal experiences. Cheers!


Feeling that creative itch but don't know how to scratch it? This blog is for you! Here you'll find tips, tricks and more on narrowing your creative focus and planting it in your everyday life. Creative brains work differently: if we struggle with our outlets, we tend to wither. Creative Lifestyle wants to help you bloom!


There's a little geek in all of us... and it's time to let it out! Read all about ways to let your geek flag fly, whether it's blogging, con-attending or simply pulling on that Princess Leia t-shirt. We'll be churning out consistent tips on how to live your best creative geek life.

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