Color Schemes: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Remember the days of Lisa Frank? Those rainbow puppy, kitten and unicorn folders, pencils, pens and lunch boxes were the absolute bomb when I was in middle school: every girl wanted it, and every girl who got it displayed it like some sort of rainbow badge of honor. I'd be kidding myself if I said [...]

5 Unrestricted Stock Resources to Use on Your Blog or Forum

The importance of image quality with the images we use in our online ventures is so, so important. Nobody wants to see tiny, pixelated pictures when browsing a website, no matter the genre, but in the same vein we want to make sure that we aren't using pictures that legally belong to someone else. Myself, [...]

Blogging for Beginners: How To Find Your Niche

So you want to start a blog: great! You're a person with a lot to say, with varying opinions on various subjects... some strong, some not. You know you want to start a blog, and yet even with everything you have to say, you have no idea who to target, or what to call them. [...]