5 Unrestricted Stock Resources to Use on Your Blog or Forum

The importance of image quality with the images we use in our online ventures is so, so important. Nobody wants to see tiny, pixelated pictures when browsing a website, no matter the genre, but in the same vein we want to make sure that we aren't using pictures that legally belong to someone else. Myself, [...]

How To Use a Tumblr Blog for Writing Inspiration

There are many different methods and tools to utilize in order to gather and maintain your creative writing inspirations. Some people identify best with music, others with a notebook and their own brief musings, while others do best with visual inspirations. I am definitely in the latter category: I need something to look at, relate [...]

A Guide to Creating Characters Worth Remembering: Forum Edition

Forum roleplay is its own animal: many characters come and go, some live, most die, but most of all there is constant outside influence on your characters based on the forum's world, theme, and most of all other people's characters. Unlike a short story or novel where you control the outcome of everyone in your [...]