3 Important Reasons Why Struggling Is Okay

I've been struggling lately. There's a new and exciting thrill to being my own boss, being completely in control of my schedule and how my days are laid out. But along with that thrill there is the burgeoning stress of "am I working hard enough? Am I doing everything I can to ensure I can [...]

Passion Planning: Find It, Follow It, Love It

Although I relate closely to all of my content here on CGL, this post resonates very close to my heart because I only recently discovered my passion. For many years now I have felt adrift at sea, lost in an uncertainty that was really uncharacteristic of me because growing up, I always felt like I [...]

Meeting Fellow Geeks: 5 Ways to Expand Your Social Circle

If you're anything like me you find it hard to meet new people and gain new friends, especially when the things you want to talk about are Wash's unfair demise in Serenity or how your most recent character is doing on that forum roleplay site you're on every day. For a lot of people - myself [...]